The I /A\m ProGram seeks to build students into positive and productive adults. We lead them into all areas of leadership through discipline and sports while teaching them to not only set goals, but to surpass them. We are currently servicing schools within the Tampa Bay area.


Sports Age groups & Grades

Programs are broken down into Grades/Age Groups:



Young  future youth leaders and cubs will start the structured curriculum of athletics and studies in the manner of having fun. Realizing that their dreams can easy be a great vision through Academics and Athletics. 

Students & Athletes

4yrs - 10yrs:


1st - 2nd

3rd - 5th 

Students & Athletes

11yrs - 14yrs:

6th  Entry Level of Middle School Studies & Athletics


Students & Athletes

15yrs - 18yrs:

9th  Entry Level of High School Studies & Athletics

10th - 12th


Advanced & Experienced Curriculum

Professional & Elite Levels

The grade levels that are available can be altered according to the skill set and maturity of the child, young adult , and/or participant.




Mentoring & Tutoring

(Students in Partnered schools & The I /A\m ProGram)


Disciplinary Action

ISS (In School Suspension)

OSS (Out Of School Suspension)

Life Skills Development



Proper Etiquette


Team Building


Sports Training That We Offer:


Boxing (Girls - Boys Teams)

BasketBall (Girls & Boys Teams)


Track & Field (Girls & Boys Teams)

Soccer (Girls & Boys Teams)

FootBall (Girls & Boys Teams)

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