Time Is Yours. 

Time Management.

Time is something that we all have to learn how to manage, flow with, or float as.

Within this past week I have felt both sides of this beautiful rose. I realized what time raises out of the fertilizer of idle mind of those that think too much. And the busy minds of those that do too little. In my studies and applications this week, I found that even though we think that we have the track of time, or a hold on time, we are at the mercy of its will that is always at a price. The price of being attentive, being appreciative in a stressful situation. Yes, being appreciative of the time we have thats is borrowed, allowing us to be productive. If managed properly, this could be a life changing life skill to rid you of all worry and anxiety.

What I loved most about this week was applying a strong goal and plan to help keep ideas and thoughts flowing. If we can all be disciplined enough to journal our ideas and thoughts, ourselves to mindmap our way through our toughest days, we could live a happier and more fulfilled life. This talent, skill set, gift, or to those that find that true peace that it brings, could call it a blessing. It is the core of our ethics, whether it's personal or business. Management of stressful situations is the driving force of revenue turnover, profit, or even the very successful business of collections, which has created what was once a small drop of a second chance given into an ocean of late fees, half a second late interest rates received by those that understands the way that time, stress, and the belief in currency floats. Even bringing that degree of hope & faith to the forefront of our minds has a lot of meaning within itself, no pun intended.

Stress Management Skills.

Stress can be the deadliest silent killer that we all suffer from. Having lost family members to “The Mother of All Stressful Battles” in my life, which use to be, an idle mind. It's amazing how the characteristics of negative situations are so intertwined. But while we have navigated our way to the eye of the storm, we seem to perceive that truth is only true either when you feel a burden, or when the lottery. Stress management skills, soft skills, are like the compass pointing north out of the radius of the hurricane. This week, while juggling the responsibilities that are weighted on my shoulders, I find that the obligations I have waiting at the door when I enter my home or business, weighs the same on my heart, whether it's a big task or small. But being aware of the sunset is always a reminder. That no matter what happens with a full day. The sun will rise and set just as any other day we were blessed to have.

On a serious note, after reading most of our classmates’ post, the best leverage and profit sharing I have with my time management that is the most sustainable, is my new (Int. Bus.Prjt.Mgmt.) team of “Interbridging Destiny & Manifestation”. This new support system is the most powerful that we can have moving forward. Only as long as we can take advantage of the passion and ambition that it could bring to us now and decades from now. My most extraordinary system allows give my all to whomever reads my post, exchange their energy with meaning & purpose, and appreciate our most valuable asset. That asset allows me to not worry without about my assignments being later or early, but allows me to dry my wings in the eyes of every storm. That Interbridging Team is you all.

“Let your days be FUll of Light

Let your nights be Bliss

Let GO of your Walk

Hold Onto your Crawl

A Closed Eye

Only Will See Your Future

When Your MindMap Is Clear

Rid yourSelf of Midst In a Path of Abundance”.


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