Nurturing lasting growth.



    • dream  limitlessy.

      • You must dream beyond your current situation

        • This will free yourself to greater possibilities

      • Imagine how it will feel when you successfully reach your dream

      • You may need patience as it could be a “not yet” moment

      • Keep Pen  to  Paper

        • Commit to yourself and your growth in writing

        • Seeing it will help with the visualization process

        • Define your purpose and depth of your initiative here

        • Meaningful reasoning will help keep you focused

        • Track successes and failures-

          • Build off of both types of learning experiences


      • Choose Wisely The  Language You  Use.

        • Instead of saying “I Wish to ” use “I Plan to”

        • We ALL have an “ArtForm”

          • Use this to communicate to the world

        • Learn the lingo of the level that you are aspiring to

          • Some Goals and Dreams have specific vocabularies​

  • Nurture your gift.

    • Be Specific.

      • The more specific the goal, the easier it is to visualize, measure and plan for

      • Know that it may not be a clear path to your dream

        • Stay committed and You will see results

      • Use reflection time to make sure you are still aligned to your growth


    • Talk  Positively  To  Yourself.

      • We listen to what we tell ourselves-

        • It is imperative we speak positively to receive positively

      • Change our self-conversations and we will change our realities

      • Speak positively toward growth and learning

      • Do not allow any negativity to linger in your life

        • If negativity is reoccurring-

        • Recognize where it is stemming from to change it


    • Time  Is  Your  Most Valuable Commodity.

      • Don’t be afraid to step away from society imposed limitations

        • Sometimes you must work "outside" the clock​

      • Trust your gut and your heart and continue investing time wisely

      • A little bit everyday adds up to making major changes and improvements

      • Don’t rush, but make sure to be consistent with your time


  • Harvest Your Development.

    • Honest Self-Evaluation.

      • Appreciate your individual differences

        • Recognize that another’s approach may not be right for you

      • Acknowledge this is a continuous learning process

      • Don’t be afraid to try a new strategies

        • Be Creative in your solutions​

      • Also hold yourself accountable to what you say

        • Write you are going to do so you can remember


    • Create  Routines.

      • This creates efficiency in areas around your dream

      • More energy to be put towards your endeavors when you are organized

      • Do what you know is right the first time

        •  This will save time from having to double-back on your work


    • Continue  to  Feed  Your  Mind.

      • Your mind must grow to envision greater possibilities

      • Surround yourself with positive and like-minded spirits

      • Continue to expand your knowledge and

        • You continue to expand your possibilities

      • Educate yourself through personal study or

        • Enroll in a learning experience to continue growing

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